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Have you ever walked through a maze that dictates you it's own rules? Haven't you? Try now!

Try to resist SINTECH system.

Gather and manage energy if you wish to keep up a good speed.

Otherwise don't waste your and SINTECH's time.

* "Alive Walls" System.

* 3 levels of complexity.

* Procedurally generated mazes.

* Badass graphics.

* Pickable bonuses.

* Comfortable controls.

* In-game statistics.

* Tunes specially written for game by ROSSAR.

Minimum system requirements:

OS: Android

OS version : 4.0

Display: 800x480

Processor : 1ghz / 2core

RAM :512mb

Storage : 500mb

Recomended system requirements:

OS version : 5.0 or higher

Display: 1920x1080

Processor : 1ghz ~ 2ghz / 4core or 8core

RAM :1500mb ~ 3000mb

Storage : 500mb or higher

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